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Walking Dead 9

Die Erstausstrahlung der neunten Staffel der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Walking Dead wurde zwischen dem 7. Oktober und März Am 1. April lief die letzte Folge der 9. Staffel von „The Walking Dead“. Hier erfahrt ihr, was in dieser und in allen anderen Folgen. - Kaufen Sie The Walking Dead - Staffel 9 - Uncut günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.

Walking Dead 9 Weitere Formate

Die Erstausstrahlung der neunten Staffel der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Walking Dead wurde zwischen dem 7. Oktober und März beim US-amerikanischen Kabelsender AMC gezeigt, die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung war zwischen. Die Erstausstrahlung der neunten Staffel der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Walking Dead wurde zwischen dem 7. Oktober und März Der Krieg ist vorbei und alle Zeichen sind auf Neuanfang gestellt. Die verschiedenen Gemeinden organisieren sich untereinander und widmen ihre Energie nun. - Kaufen Sie The Walking Dead - Staffel 9 - Uncut günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. The Walking Dead Staffel 9 ✅ Die Überlebenden müssen sich einer neuen, extrem gefährlichen Bedrohung stellen. Klick jetzt für die Sendetermine. Staffel 9 im Rückblick und erste Infos zur neuen Staffel – TV-Kritik von Jana Bärenwaldt. Eine kompakte Episodenliste für The Walking Dead findet ihr weiter unten im Artikel. Staffel Staffel 9. Staffel 8. Staffel 7.

Walking Dead 9

Eine kompakte Episodenliste für The Walking Dead findet ihr weiter unten im Artikel. Staffel Staffel 9. Staffel 8. Staffel 7. Die Erstausstrahlung der neunten Staffel der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Walking Dead wurde zwischen dem 7. Oktober und März beim US-amerikanischen Kabelsender AMC gezeigt, die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung war zwischen. - Kaufen Sie The Walking Dead - Staffel 9 - Uncut günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.

The ninth season is the final season for lead actor Andrew Lincoln, who has portrayed Rick Grimes since the series' first season. Lauren Cohan appeared as Maggie Greene in a diminished role and only appeared in the first five episodes of this season due to other commitments; Cohan will return as a series regular in season The ninth season features nineteen series regulars overall.

For this season, Katelyn Nacon and Tom Payne were added to the opening credits, along with Khary Payton as of the season's sixth episode, after previously being credited as "also starring".

The series was renewed for a ninth season in January Gimple would be promoted to chief content officer for both The Walking Dead and its spin-off show Fear the Walking Dead , while writer and co-executive producer Angela Kang would take Gimple's role for The Walking Dead.

Filming for the ninth season began on April 30, , with Greg Nicotero directing the first episode of the season.

The ninth season features a redesigned opening credits sequence. The animated title sequence, which is graphic novel inspired, features familiar imagery such as Daryl 's motorcycle and crossbow , and Michonne 's katana.

Kang spoke of the inspiration for the new sequence, "The feel of the season has elements of the Western genre. We're paying homage to some of the iconic moments from the graphic novel.

Life is coming out of death. Nature's taking over, while other things are crumbling. Most of the cast's contracts had to be renewed for the ninth season and beyond, and most of the cast did re-sign; [48] the notable exception was Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie Greene.

Cohan had sought a pay increase from AMC given her high demand from other networks; while she had signed on to star in a new series, Whiskey Cavalier , for the ABC network , this contract would still enable her to participate on The Walking Dead in a limited role.

Gimple felt there were more stories about Morgan to tell that would be more effective with Fear the Walking Dead ' s smaller cast and narrative approach.

In late May, it was reported that the ninth season would be the final season for Andrew Lincoln , who plays lead character Rick Grimes.

Satrazemis during the ninth-season episode "Guardians". Lauren Cohan also announced that this would be her last season on the series, appearing in the first five episodes as Maggie Greene before her departure.

Alongside other acting commitments, Cohan felt she had become too comfortable in the role, and it was time to move on. She appreciated the opportunity to explore Maggie in her last few episodes, [57] and has not ruled out returning for future seasons based on her future commitments.

In June , it was reported that Jon Bernthal would reprise his role as Shane Walsh for a guest appearance in the ninth season.

Berkeley's character is killed off in the first episode of the season, which was adapted from the comic book. This was a major departure from the original comic, where Jesus is still alive, and the actor explained, "It's an amazing show and I was so honored to be a part of it, but at the same time, being the same character without anything fun to do is a bit frustrating.

Angela Kang stated that the season would include a timeskip , which coincides with the comic's narrative after the "All Out War" arc.

She stated that they were aiming to give the series a "fresh look and feel", and "focusing a lot on the core character relationships in the show that have kind of been long-lasting, as well as all of our wonderful series regulars".

A second timeskip occurs towards the end of episode 5, after a helicopter whisks a wounded Rick to safety. The next scene takes place six years later, when a now much older Judith saves a group of survivors from a ring of walkers.

This season introduces the Whisperers, a group of human survivors that have created skins and masks out of walkers that allows them to move among and manipulate walker hordes.

For these masks, director Greg Nicotero wanted to change the appearance from the way they are shown in the comic, which gave the masks a type of melting look.

Instead, they opted to make the Whisperers masks immovable similar to Michael Myers ' from the Halloween series, which according to Nicotero, "you cannot judge any kind of emotion".

The teaser for the season was released on July 19, , the first day of the San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer was released on July 20, The ninth season of The Walking Dead was met with a positive reception, with critics noting its improvement over the two previous seasons.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Nine seasons in, The Walking Dead feels more alive than ever, with heightened tension and a refreshed pace that rejuvenates this long-running franchise.

Brandon Davis of Comicbook. He called the ninth season a "huge step up for the show" and that the episodes "are as strong as anything the show's done since the heyday of Season 4.

The penultimate episode " The Calm Before " received critical acclaim from critics. In the episode, several characters are killed off; including main characters Enid and Tara Chambler.

Alex McLevy writing for The A. Club praised the episode, with a qualification of A- and in his review he said: "At best, 'The Calm Before' could be a memorial for what this show has been as it heads toward a new future, a reminder of what it used to look like during its strongest seasons, before reshuffling the undead chessboard of its major players and changing up the nature of its structure and stories.

True, this show hasn't demonstrated anything like the kind of consistency that would point to such a maneuver; continuing its uneven mix of soap-opera melodrama and intriguing experiments in post-apocalyptic thrills is the likely progression.

But as we close the book on season nine and look to the show's 10th! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of The Walking Dead episodes.

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Alpha attempts to toughen up Lydia as they prepare to walk with the dead. Meanwhile, the Whisperers create their herds.

In the meantime, Carol battles with the need for revenge. Back at Hilltop, the group deals with an unexpected safety issue.

Alpha and Beta have reservations about someone. S10, E8 The World Before In the mid-season finale, a fight causes tensions in Oceanside while the Alexandrians set out on a high-stakes mission.

S10, E9 Squeeze In the mid-season premiere, our group must figure out how to get out of a precarious situation.

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Season 9. Promotional poster art prominently featuring lead character Rick Grimes foreground. List of The Walking Dead episodes.

Eighteen months after Negan's defeat, the various communities are working on rebuilding society. However, the Sanctuary suffers from infertile ground and underlying support for Negan.

Rick leads a trek to a Washington, D. A young man, Ken, is killed while protecting the group's horses from walkers. Gregory, ousted as Hilltop's leader, convinces Ken's father, Earl, to try to assassinate Maggie, but he fails.

Rick and Michonne ask Maggie for Hilltop's help in providing for the Sanctuary, but she refuses. That evening, Maggie has Gregory publicly executed for his actions.

Daisy von Scherler Mayer. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. A month after Gregory's death, the communities work together to repair the bridge; several Saviors have gone missing since construction began.

After some persuasion, Maggie ultimately decides to deliver food to a starving Sanctuary. A herd approaches the repair crew after Justin fails to sound an alarm, and Aaron's arm is crushed under a log.

Daryl rescues Aaron, and Enid is forced to amputate Aaron's arm to keep him alive. Anne and Gabriel pursue a romantic relationship, but Anne takes note of a nearby helicopter.

Rick updates an incarcerated Negan on the bridge's progress, and Negan warns him that his vision will fail.

Justin is banished, and on his way back to the Sanctuary, he is abducted. After Justin is discovered dead, Arat goes missing as well, angering the Saviors and postponing the construction on the bridge.

Rick asks Gabriel to follow Anne, who is revealed to have been trading people to a mysterious ally in exchange for supplies.

Gabriel confronts her, forcing her to incapacitate him. Daryl and Maggie learn that Oceanside has been capturing and killing the Saviors, including Arat, as revenge for killing Oceanside's men.

They walk away as Cyndie kills Arat, and they decide to ignore "Rick's way" and confront Negan. Rosemary Rodriguez.

Jesus tells Rick about Maggie's intentions to assassinate Negan, and Rick tries to delay her entry into Alexandria.

Anne plans to send Gabriel away to her mysterious ally, but changes her mind and abandons him instead. The Saviors steal guns and confront Carol over Oceanside's actions; a riot ensues, and the gunfire leads a walker herd to the work camp.

Rick takes a horse to lead the herd away from the camp, but the horse gets spooked and throws him off onto a concrete slab, impaling his torso with rebar and knocking him unconscious.

Critically wounded and weak, Rick attempts to draw the herd away on horseback. Maggie goes to execute Negan, but after realizing that he is worse than dead already, she abandons the attempt.

Rick leads the walkers onto the bridge and apparently sacrifices himself by blowing it up, stopping the herd. Unknown to everyone else, Rick is found alive and rescued by Anne, who contacts her allies in the helicopter.

They gather the duo and fly to parts unknown. Six years later, a now pre-teen Judith rescues a new group of survivors from walkers. After much resistance, Judith convinces Michonne to help Magna's group by escorting them to Hilltop.

While setting up radio transmitting equipment, Rosita and Eugene are followed by a strangely-acting herd of walkers.

Carol takes a now teenage Henry to Hilltop to apprentice as a blacksmith; they are ambushed by Jed, Regina, and several former Saviors who steal their supplies.

Carol later burns the group alive and takes Henry to visit Daryl, who is now living alone in the wilderness. Negan remains a prisoner in Alexandria but has apparently adopted a less antagonistic attitude.

Michael Cudlitz. Michonne leads Magna's group towards the Hilltop but refuses to travel all the way, fearing a confrontation with Maggie.

She learns from Siddiq that Maggie recently left the Hilltop in order to help Georgie build another community, leaving Jesus and Tara in charge.

Michonne brings Magna's group to their former camp, allowing Luke to recover some of the musical instruments he had been scavenging.

While Jesus and Aaron are discussing how to bring Hilltop and Alexandria closer together, they see a flare shot by an injured Rosita, who informs them of Eugene's whereabouts.

After escorting Carol and Henry to Hilltop in order for Henry to apprentice as a blacksmith, Daryl takes Jesus and Aaron along with him to search for Eugene.

After Gabriel accidentally leaves his cell unlocked, Negan escapes from confinement. Henry begins his apprenticeship with Earl, but sneaks outside Hilltop and gets drunk, leading to his being temporarily imprisoned.

Magna's group is ultimately accepted into Hilltop but are told by Tara that they must "earn their keep". Daryl, Jesus, and Aaron find Eugene, who reveals that he heard walkers whispering to each other, suggesting that they are evolving.

The whispering herd pursues the group and corners them in a cemetery. Michonne, Magna, and Yumiko arrive to help, but Jesus is killed after a "walker" stabs him through the chest.

After fending off the herd, the group discovers that the whispering walkers are indeed people wearing walker skins. The Whisperers suddenly surround the group.

Michonne's group manages to escape the cemetery, and they capture a young Whisperer, Lydia, on their way back to Hilltop. Michonne and Daryl attempt to get answers from the girl without much luck, though she admits that her mother is still alive and that her people live among the walkers.

Rosita tells Siddiq that she is pregnant with his baby. Tara agrees to let Magna's group stay at Hilltop, while Michonne plans to return to Alexandria to warn her people of the new threat.

After escaping Alexandria, Negan returns to the Sanctuary only to find it abandoned, and he thus returns to the comfort of his cell in Alexandria willingly.

Luke and Alden are lured into a trap and captured by the Whisperers. David Boyd. As Henry and Lydia grow closer, she reveals events of her past following the onset of the outbreak.

Henry is released from his cell by Daryl when he feels the boy is revealing too much to Lydia. After aggressively interrogating Lydia, Daryl takes a softer approach with her after realizing she is the victim of abuse at the hands of her mother.

Despite the risks, Magna's group searches for Luke against Tara's orders; they abandon the search after realizing it is no longer safe.

The next day, a group of Whisperers arrives at the Hilltop led by Lydia's mother, Alpha, who demands her daughter be returned.

In a flashback, Tara and Jesus give Ezekiel the community charter. In the present, Alpha successfully negotiates with Daryl for an exchange of hostages: Alden and Luke for Lydia.

Daryl watches with indignation at how Alpha treats her daughter. Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry, and other Kingdommers enter a movie theater in order to obtain a film projector bulb for a cinema they want to set up for the community fair.

Later, Henry leaves the Hilltop, suggesting he is going out to look for Lydia; Daryl sets off with Connie in pursuit. Henry manages to find Lydia but is captured by Beta, Alpha's right-hand Whisperer.

In Alexandria, Michonne discusses with the council the possible union of the communities at the fair. In exchange, Virgil promises weapons that could change the tide of the Whisperer War.

Meanwhile, Eugene takes a group on a journey to meet Stephanie, with the hopes of befriending another civilization. Meanwhile, Eugene's group encounters Princess.

Get a behind-the-scenes look as the cast reads the script for the premiere episode of Season Select your provider. All rights reserved.

During this Maggie decided to not execute Negan because he was worse off staying in the cell. He risked his life to try and help and save his people!

After this incident, everyone thought Rick had died in the explosion, however Anne found him alive and took him with her on a helicopter going somewhere!

Six years go by, Pre-teen Judith rescues a group of survivors from walkers! Rosita and Eugene were working on a radio transmitter that could help each community can communicate, however when setting it up, they were encountered by a strange moving herd!

Henry was taken to the Hilltop to become an Apprentice blacksmith, however on the way down to the Hilltop, they were ambushed by some of the saviours and they stole all the supplies.

Carol then later burnt them all and got everything they lost back! Carol finds Daryl living in the wilderness with his new companion, dog.

He did name his new dog… dog! Maggie, however left the Hilltop to create a new community with Georgie, since he wanted to create one, which lead Jesus and Tara in charge so Michonne decided to take them into the Hilltop.

They see a flare shot from Rosita, informing them that she is injured and the whereabouts of Eugene!

So, Daryl and Jesus go out looking for them! Henry started his apprenticeship but decided to leave the Hilltop to get drunk with some new friends and ended up being imprisoned for it!

Daryl and Jesus find Eugene; however, he tells them that Zombies are evolving, and they whisper to each other now! Michonne, Magna and Yumiko went down to help them out, but Jesus was killed by a walker stabbing him through the chest!

The whisperers then surround them! They captured a young Whisperer by the name of Lydia! All she admitted was that her mother was still alive, and her people would walk among the walkers!

Rosita tells Siddiq that she is pregnant with his baby. Michonne needed to get back and tell her people about the new threat that has happened.

Herny and Lydia were getting closer and closer as they carried on talking, Herny said somethings he shouldnt of said to her about the other comunities, so Daryl decided to release Henry from prision because of this and started to interigate Lydia some more!

After a while of looking they abandon the search and head home, however there was a group of Whisperers waiting at the Hilltop, lead by the mother of Lydia Alpha, that demanded for Lydia!

In the Present however, Alpha manages to negotiate her way through and gets her daughter back! Daryl watches as Alpha treats her daughter like shes nothing!

While all this was happening, Carol, Jerry and Ezekiel went to the movie thrater to try and find a movie light so they could have a movie playing at the Kingdom!

Back at the Hilltop, Henry goes out of his way to search and attempt to bring back Lydia, but Daryl was not far behind him, also bring Connie!

Henry manages to find Lydia, however got caught in the process. In Alexandra, they have a discussion about them attending the fair, after this Michonne goes down to Negan and asks about his escape!

Alpha and Beta try to make Lydia Kill Henry, but before she had the chance to Daryl and Connie come out of nowhere to save the day and they escape with both Lydia and Henry!

Daryl, Connie, Henry and Lydia manage to find a building they can hide in while the Whisperers are looking for them, they decided to change this building into an ambush point to try and kill some of the Whisperers.

The kingdom managed to run into some men known as the highwaymen. They threaten to take there supplies, however they managed to negotiate with them being able to watch a movie… they agree and help out!

After the encounter with Beta, they run to the Kingdom! An old friend emerges in some flashbacks of Michonne, the flashback takes them back to the time Jocelyn almost killed some kids, Michonne and Daryl had to fight there way through to get Judith back and Michonne almost lost her baby she was currently carrying in the process!

Am 1. April lief die letzte Folge der 9. Staffel von „The Walking Dead“. Hier erfahrt ihr, was in dieser und in allen anderen Folgen. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Walking Dead - Staffel 9 [6 DVDs]​«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Tara, Henry, two members of the highwaymen and an old women were all killed! Rosemary Rodriguez. Meanwhile, 4kmovie.To Kostenlos Filme Whisperers create their herds. Episodes season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Accolades Soundtrack Vol. After much resistance, Judith convinces Michonne to help Magna's group by escorting them Karneval Der Tiere Geschichte Hilltop.

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Daryl stürmt daraufhin wütend in das Verlies und setzt die Gefangene aggressiv unter Druck. Staffel, Folge Hilltop ist umzingelt. Derweil bekommen es Jerry, Ezekiel und Eugene Iron Sky 1 einer ganz besonderen Toaru Majutsu No Index zu tun Im Heute spürt Blindspot Cast ihre Tochter auf und rettet sie vor einem Walker. Daryl, der nun wieder allein mit Hund ist, versucht, die Horde mithilfe von Feuerwerkskörpern abzulenken, doch die Untoten verfolgen nach wie vor die Spur der anderen drei. Gimple zu Angela Kangläutete die Staffel auch inhaltliche Veränderungen ein. Doch Ken, ein junger Mann aus Hilltop, will die immer noch an den Wagen gespannten Pferde retten und Sky Go Online dabei in den Arm gebissen. Hotel Artemis Stream Deutsch, dass ein Savior das Sicherungsseil loslässt, wird Aarons linker Arm unter einem Stamm zerquetscht. Wer wird Oceanside zuerst erreichen? Ein weiterer Teil der Horde kommt näher und aus ihren Reihen sind Drohungen zu hören, die allen Überlebenden ihren sicheren Tod prophezeien. Auf einem Feld nähert sich langsam eine Walker-Kolonne, die sich seltsam geordnet fortbewegt. Carol kann sich durchsetzen und sticht Jed in Walking Dead 9 Schulter. Auf dem Weg zurück werden sie von einigen Walkern verfolgt, darunter auch drei Whisperer. Walking Dead 9 Screen Rant. Season Archived from the original on April 11, The communities come together to help perform the move as a massive and dangerous blizzard hits which forces the Kingdommers to trek through Whisperer territory despite the danger. Retrieved October 30, After the encounter with Beta, they run to the Kingdom! We'll assume you're ok with Sam Holzminden Accept however Tatort Mediathek can change your settings or opt-out if you wish. This category only includes cookies that Tamara Arciuch basic functionalities and security features of the website. Walking Dead 9 Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Nach einiger Zeit brechen aber auch sie der Unsicherheit im Dunkeln wegen ab, wobei Yumiko und ihre Partnerin zurück nach Hilltop gehen, Connie und Arcaden Neukölln jedoch weiter nach Luke suchen wollen. Sie hilft den Gemeinschaften dabei, auf eine Bülent Ceylan Zukunft hinzuarbeiten. Sie glaubt an Ricks Vision und ist gegenüber ihrer Gruppe sowie ihrer Familie stets loyal, selbst wenn sie unterschiedlicher Ku Damm sind. Mit Maggies Entschlossenheit wächst auch seine Rolle in Hilltop. Jesus folgt seinen eigenen Regeln für ein Filme Im Netz Leben miteinander und geht mit gutem LetS Dance Live Tour 2019 voran. Als die Bewohner herausfinden, dass der Kamin in der Kirche unbrauchbar ist, bilden sie eine durch Seile verbundene Kette, um sich durch den Sturm, der mittlerweile zum Blizzard angeschwollen ist, zu Aarons Haus durchzukämpfen. Auch Lydia soll wieder eine Maske erhalten, Alpha beauftragt damit ihre Union Luckenwalde Hand, einen Hünen, der nur Beta genannt wird. Simon und einige Saviors hätten sie dort aufgesucht und alle Männer getötet. Der Ex-Sheriff steht weiterhin zu seiner Entscheidung.


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